What’s “THE UNDOKAI” ?
”We would like to create a place where people overcome the difference of countries and language and can communicate with ease.”
”We want to create opportunities to meet foreigners through things that represent Japan.”

”THE UNDOKAI” project was born from these thoughts.

”Undokai” is well known in Japan, but not so much in other countries. Ball-toss game, tug of war,big ball roll game,relay. The next thing you know, men and women of all ages are hooked to ”Undokai” and many smiles are born. Many newfound bonds are made by laughing with, encouraging, and frantically cheering on your friends. We would like to conduct this unique Japanese culture called ”Undokai” with many people from many countries. We would like to help make bonds and smiles that connect the world.
You may not understand each other's language, but you can connect through your heart. We can become one just by being together. We believe in the ”Undokai”'s potential.

We would like to expand the circle of international exchange into the future, here in Tokyo, prior to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!!

Official Ambassador
The 2012 London Olympic Bronze medalist in 200 meter breaststroke

Special Guest
2016 Asian Freestyle Football Championship Winner

Sports DJ, Stadium DJ, Sports announcer
《Date》 Octorber 9th, 2017
09:00am Reception starts
10:00am Event starts
04:00pm Event finishes
※This schedule might change without any prior announcement.
《Venue》 Shingashi athletic field
3-1-3 Shingashi Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
《Number of participants》 Approximately 300 People
*All nationalities welcome!
《Fee》 Free *Free lunch included
《Athletic events》 ball-toss game, tug of war, big ball roll game, relay, etc.
《Prize》 To be announced
《Guest》 RYO TATEISHI The 2012 London Olympic Bronze medalist in 200 meter breaststroke
MOSA 2016 Asian Freestyle Football Championship Winner
《Sponsors》 KILO ALFA,inc.
《Host》 Earth Technology co.,ltd.
《Operation》 BOOST Inc.
《Inquiry》 Please feel free to contact us from here including the case of cancellation.

Companies or organizations that are interested in cooperating/co-sponsoring the event, please contact us at the below e-mail address.